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Transformation of Model Factory in the age of AI

AI has become the pillar of growth for companies when it comes to maintaining relevance as well as an edge over the competition. What’s more, AI based models have become the new revenue drivers for companies looking to capitalize on data as a competitive advantage. The rise in algorithmically driven successes can be attributed primarily to enhancements…

Do I need to be a programmer for a career in Data Science?

Priya, a budding data scientist, was upset when she was bombarded with programming-related questions in her recent job interview. “I spent the last two years working on various modelling techniques, but now I am being asked questions about Python? I would like to build my career in data science and not in application development,” she said, with genuine doubts…

Product Management in the data science world

The topic related to ‘Product Management’ has received quite a flake in recent years. Several rounds of discussions have happened to create an analogy out of client’s stand point.
As I heard more of these conversations, there …

Bringing the promise of ML to your MDM : Part II

‘Augmented data management’ is a key trend where AI/ML is transforming how enterprises manage their data.
In the last article, we looked at some of the key pain points that exist as IT and business leaders …

The New Age of Customer Satisfaction

Let us start with an oft repeated question,” What do you know about your customer’s preferences”?
The answer could be any of the standard responses which talk about their tastes in your merchandise based on past transactional records…

Applications of AI in Document Management

“We are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge”
This is a famous quote by John Naisbitt which shows the key difference between information and knowledge.

Bringing the promise of ML to your MDM: Part 1

Enterprises are rushing to transform themselves, and embrace the promise of digital transformation; and while the means to achieve this end are disputed, there is unanimous agreement on the fact that reliable data is the starting point.

Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0

Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0 is on everyone’s mind. Investors are happy to hear from organizations that they are embarking upon a complete Digital Transformation journey. Investors love it, leaders advocate for it, directors have to make it a reality, managers have to design for it, but few understand what all it means in the grand scheme.

Just ask Alexa, The machine in the corner room

AGCS (Alexa, Cortana, Google, Siri), as I fondly call these services, certainly have taken over my life. I talk to them every day. I take their help in research. I tell them to remind me of important tasks. I even ask them turn on / off different appliances at home. And they never complain! Now who yells at me or more…

Second spin: Driving efficiency and happiness through PMO

In my previous blog, we looked at how the Project Management Organization (PMO) at Tredence enables excellence across projects. In gist, traditional PMOs focus on ensuring projects are completed on schedule, and processes are followed the right way. At Tredence, the PMO group allows improved…

Data Lakes: Hadoop – The makings of the Beast

1997 was the year of consumable digital revolution – the year when cost of computation and storage decreased drastically resulting in conversion from paper-based to digital storage. The very next year the problem of Big Data emerged. As the digitalization of documents far surpassed the estimates…

From the norm to unconventional analytics: Beyond owning, to seeking data

The scale of big data, data deluge, 4Vs of data, and all that’s in between… We’ve all heard so many words adjectivized to “Data”. And the many reports and literature has taken the vocabulary and interpretation of data to a whole new level. As a result, the marketplace is split into …

Making the Most of Change (Management)

“Times have changed.” We’ve heard this statement ever so often. Generations have used it to exclaim “things are so complicated (or simple) these days,” or expressing disdain – “oh, so they think they are a cool” generation. Whichever way you exclaim, change has been truly the “constant”….


The cliché in the recent past has been about how industries are racing to unlock the value of big data and create big insights. And with this herd mentality comes all the jargons in an effort to differentiate. Ultimately, it is about solving problems. In the marketplace abstraction of problem…